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We apply the systematic synthetic phonics instruction. We assure of an innovative phonics class. We focus on improving our student's reading skills using letter formation, blending and segmenting. Classes are delivered in small groups so that every student has more engagement time with their tutor.


This course is offered to elementary, middle, and high school-aged who likes to develop their writing skills in areas such as grammar, sentences structure, essays, and more. This course consists of cumulative lessons, practice writing and homework. Students with good writing skills gives them the opportunity to express themselves clearly and write more freely. 

Short Stories/Novel Reading

We offer this course for high intermediate to advanced students for the goal of developing our student's skills in reading, vocabulary and literary analysis. It is also a preparation for further study of literature and creative writing. Students read selected popular novels, discuss in the class and learn to write critically. 

ESL Speaking Class

This course is taught in group and focuses on enhancing the student's communication skills for active participation in different occasions. This course consists of lessons that mainly develop listening and speaking skills for different presentations and discussions. Students will learn how to speak natural English for many common topics and situations.


This course will enhance student's vocabulary. A new set of vocabulary words will be introduced in every class. Students will learn these words through practice exercises and quizzes. This course is suggested to be taken by any primary students that focus on building his daily English vocabulary.


Improve your grammar skills in a fun way with our grammar course. Our grammar course will help you understand parts of speech, interjections, verb tenses rules, complex sentences, and more. Our grammar course will let you learn grammar rules and with grammar exercises. When you speak and write with correct grammar is in use then you can communicate easier, clearer and more efficient.

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Practice your English in a fun and more meaningful way: Study with other students!

Why take our group class? Learning in a small group is highly effective for your language development. It will give you more motivation and opportunity to practice your English skills. You will also learn how to support each other, monitor and facilitate. With group classes, you are prepared to speak up in public, get comfortable with small talk, enhance your listening, and gain confidence in public speaking.

Study English in group classes. BLA is aimed to provide students a fully interactive online experience with a detailed class progress tracking and valuable feedback.

Your goal to improve is our motivation!

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As a result of many years of teaching English online, our dedication and commitment to better educate and serve our students are our inspiration. We can confidently assure our students that our motivation to succeed is to make our students improve their English communications skills through quality education.


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