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What We Do ?

BLA is a premier online English language school, a brainchild of a couple who are English tutors and curriculum developers themselves for almost 8 years. As a tutor of the language themselves, the couple has figured out how studying English could be made more enjoyable and fulfilling. In other words, they developed a learning plan with interactive lessons where students from all walks of life could learn from each other, gather together in a group class and achieve goals. Up until today, this is the mission of BLA and works for consistency of quality English education.

Speak with confidence! At BLA, your English fluency is our main focus! 

Courses offered:

  • ESL Speaking for Beginners
  • Phonics and Sight Words
  • Reading Novels/Short Stories
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Writing (Narrative/Creative)
  • Singapore Math and Olympiad
  • Public Speaking
  • Grammar
  • Science Themed
  • Art Class
  • Debate
  • Conversation class for intermediate and advanced students
  • Advanced Phonics
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Basic Pronunciation
  • Journalism
  • Tailored Courses

Mission & Vision


The mission of BLA is to provide quality English group classes to serious students and develop an engaging and motivating learning environment. BLA is committed to excellence and this is our inspiration to continue providing the best interactive online group classes.


BLA is a premier online English language school that fosters a culture of excellence. BLA embraces this mission through its careful planning of curriculum and continuous development of online learning initiatives for students.

Our Team